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Bernd Johannes Wuebben-2

        attached please find the latest Linux port. Everything works including
python support and the history.h file nando commited earlier today. (see my
edits in history.h -- I think this is going to be a nightmare until g++ will
have proper c++ standart library support ...).

        Would love to commit myself but have to wait for nando to figure out
how to give me write access to the cvs.

        I don't think I broke anything for the other platforms, if yes, please
report. The only change of note I made is to move the soruces that used
to reside in Sources into a subdirector called QLBase. I think this is better
style and should have a trivlal fix in the dev environments on Windows and
the Mac.

        In order to build on Linux just cd into /Linux and follwo the instructions
in the Readme.

--- Bernd

QuantLib.tar.gz (201K) Download Attachment