QuantJudge, your new Quantitative Finance assessment platform !

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QuantJudge, your new Quantitative Finance assessment platform !

Mehdi Bouassab

Dear Quantlib community,

I am pleased to introduce you  Quantjudge, the first on-line assessment platform dedicated to Quants.

If you are hiring Quantitative analysts/developers, Quantjudge can really help you select the right candidates and make a difference.
If you are looking for a new job, Quantjudge is also a good place to train and impress employers !
The tests involve Quantitative Finance Modelling (ex: Stochastic calculus, Statistics, Monte Carlo, VaR...) as well as coding  (C++ /C#/Java/Python)
in the form of multiple choice questions and live coding exercises.

Examples of live coding tests :

Monte Carlo simulation:

Linear regression :

For more details, please visit us on :

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