SourceForge problems, Unix port, QuantLib and Bruce Eckel

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SourceForge problems, Unix port, QuantLib and Bruce Eckel

Ferdinando M. Ametrano-2
Hi all,

1) apologies for any troubles you've been having with QuantLib, it's that
our host SourceForge has a few problems.
[hidden email] doesn't work, statistics are not updated,
cvs export does not work (check out is OK). I append SourceForge message below.

2) David Binderman <[hidden email]> has proposed a patch
for a port to Alpha Linux (Redhat Linux Alpha 5.1 on Compaq Alpha machine,
using the Compaq 6.3 C++ compiler).
Luigi and Enrico are integrating the contributions of David, Bernd and
Peter for Unix port. They should finish by today or tomorrow (you know,
it's not their only work)

3) Bruce Eckel (the author of Thinking in C++, Thinking in Java, etc.
freely available at added QuantLib to his list
of things of interest about Python that he may want to include in the book
Thinking in Python.
He is probably overestimating the current status of QuantLib, but hey ...
he may be right ;-)

ciao -- Nando

======= from SourceForge ==========================

>From: nobody <[hidden email]>
>Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 11:29:38 -0800
>Support Request #110340, was updated on 2000-Dec-20 09:25
>You can respond by visiting:
>Category: Project Admininistration
>Status: Closed
>Priority: 5
>   Apologies for any troubles you've been having with the system.
>Re: Shell accounts, group permissions, group directories, CVS directories,
>CVS permissions, Mailing Lists
>There is currently a known sync problem.  This has meant delays in
>creation of home, group, cvs and web
>directories.  Similarly, it has meant delays in creation of shell
>accounts, addition of new users to groups and
>password and email address changes.  We're working to resolve this problem
>as soon as possible.  Please bear with
>us - the problem will be resolved very soon - we're aware that this has
>been recurring
>Re:  Statistics
>The statistics for all projects is currently under redevelopment.  This
>process is expected to be completed soon -
>however has been of a lower priority against the number of teething pains
>we've been having with our new servers.
>Re: Shell server
>We're also aware of the number of problems on the shell server with
>respect to restricitive permissions on some
>programs - and sourcing of shell environments.  We're also aware of the
>troubles with scp and transferring files.  As a
>work around, we recommend either editing files on the shell server, or
>scping files to the shell server from external
>hosts to the shell server, whilst logged in to the shell server.
>Re:  Syncmail
>We're aware that syncmail is having troubles on the CVS server. This is a
>serverwide issue, and will be addressed.
>We will post followups to all of these issues on the front page as the
>problems are resolved.
>Re: SSH Fingerprints / Host Identification changed
>We're aware that post-Saturday both the CVS and shell server would be
>displaying new SSH fingerprints for our
>public ssh keys.  These are OK!  Please read the front page news article
>regarding the new keys.
>Our apologies for any inconvenience.  If you still have outstanding issues
>that we haven't addressed -our apologies
>- please submit a new support request so that this may be handled.
>- SF Crew