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reposit / QuantLibXL 1.7 Released

Eric Ehlers-3
Hi All,

There will be two releases of QuantLibXL 1.7.  One will be based on the
existing ObjectHandler/gensrc platform.  This build is stable.

This message relates to the release of other build, which is based on
the new reposit platform.  This build is a work in progress and is

The main objectives of the new build are:

1) Autogeneration of object wrapper code, which in the old build must
be implemented by hand.

2) Simplify the process of exporting functions from C++ libraries (such
as QuantLib) to their corresponding addins (such as QuantLibXL).

A high level comparison of the two QuantLibXL builds is available at
this link:

This is the home page for the reposit project:

Here is the link to download the files for the 1.7 release of reposit
and QuantLibXL:

Here is the link to the documentation for all builds of the 1.7 release
of reposit and QuantLibXL, including a binary release of QuantLibXL,
and source code builds for Windows and Linux:

For any questions please use the mailing list:

reposit has been deployed to the =countify platform, allowing
spreadsheets to be shared in the cloud in real time.  For a free demo
please visit the home page of the =countify project:

Kind Regards,

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